Sunday, October 30, 2005

Damnable damnity.

I'm having problems with the calendar page...I subscribed for $24 so that you could view all of the events by week, month or lifetime, and as soon as the payment went through, it erased all of the content I'd already added. I've sent two rather large Italian gentlemen over to the webmaster's house to get some answers and see if we can't fix this little problem without too many shards of patella flying around.


ilana said...

your calendar demonstrates, however, that if i lived in la i would literally have something to do every night. wow, the idea of that is you go to all of these events? if so, how many (err, how few?) hours of sleep do you get at night? i envy you :)

Etan said...

I absolutely don't go to all these events. Mainly I do this to provide as many options as possible for hang-out sessions. If I only put the ones I was absolutely sure I was gonna go to, I'd be heading to a lot of metal shows alone. Plus, it's a public service--I have better taste than a lot of people that're gonna read this, so the mere fact of my mentioning these concerts will improve the world, whether or not I go to them.