Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Cerebral Metalhead Exclusive: RONJON!!!!

I've got an old college a cappella buddy named Ronjon. The dude is one crazy motherfucker, this taut-bodied brown man who used to run full speed throughout campus for no apparent reason, joined the Navy so that he could improve his aim by firing torpedos at passing whales, and laughs in that way that Sagat from Street Fighter II would laugh whenever he beat you: a total body laugh, shoulders rising up and down, with a heavy braying sound to accompany it.

In addition to being one crazy motherfucker, Ronjon is also a talented musician and songwriter, so when he asked me to post some of his new music on Cerebral Metalhead I did a backflip and clapped my hands and said "Yeah!" Without further ado, I present to you the debut solo recordings of: RONJON!!!!

1) Ronjon Bhattacharya - If This Works
2) Ronjon Bhattacharya - Come Fly With Me

Please contact me if you're interested in booking, producing or spanking the guy.


Anonymous said...

i would like to spank ronjon

sexy lady friend said...

Can I spank your friend ? Can I ? Please ???
It's 'guess who' all the way from Paris...we have more in common that you know...http://babyblog.blogsource.com