Monday, January 23, 2006

Download my Best of 2005 mix!

At long last, I've compiled some hottt traxxx from my best of 2005 list and made them available to you, dear reader, for the nominal fee of $1. Please send me cash via Paypal.

That's actually bullshit. This mix is free. I just ask that, if you hear something that you like, you consider buying the album and supporting the artists that recorded it.

DOWNLOAD MY BEST OF 2005 MIX BY CLICKING RIGHT HERE. Let me know if the link has expired and I'll re-upload it.

This mix runs the gamut from singer-songwriter fare to hip-hop to death metal, so I can guarantee you're not gonna like everything. But hopefully it'll turn you on to something you didn't know existed. Here's the tracklist, with links to Prefix reviews where available:

1. "A Nervous Tic Motion Of The Head To The Left" - Andrew Bird: The Mysterious Production Of Eggs
2. "Come On! Feel The Illinoise! " - Sufjan Stevens: Illinois
3. "One Evening" - Feist: Let It Die
4. "Mince Meat" - Dangerdoom: The Mouse & The Mask
5. "Xombie" - Bad Dudes: Bad Dudes
6. "Black Santa" - The Red Chord: Clients
7. "Eat This City" - Thunderbirds Are Now!: Justamustache
8. "Aperitivo" - Mark Dresser/Denman Maroney: Time Changes
9. "Laces Out, Dan!" - The Fall Of Troy: Doppelganger
10. "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." - Sufjan Stevens: Illinois
11. "Mushaboom" - Feist: Let It Die
12. "Dawn Of The Dudes" Bad Dudes : Bad Dudes
13. "Dying Will Be The Death Of Me" - Cephalic Carnage: Anomalies
14. "Strange" - Barbez: Insignificance
15. "Studying Stones" - Ani DiFranco: Knuckle Down
16. "Real People" - Common: Be
17. "Selkies: The Endless Obsession" - Between The Buried & Me: Alaska
18. "Smells Like Content" - The Books: Lost and Safe


Anonymous said...

okay, i like the music stuff, but i want some of that good "inside etan's head" stuff too.

Anonymous said...

what kinda metalhead are u????

Etan said...

To "L:" I'll cook something up for ya soon.
To Assmunch Magee: Ummm...a cerebral one. I thought that was obvious from the title of my blog. Besides, the Sufjan song "John Wayne Gacy, Jr." is heavier than anything that Relapse released this year.

Ohad said...