Friday, July 04, 2008

Copremesis - Muay Thai Ladyboys (Paragon, 2008)

Call me old fashioned, but I'm a man who thinks that fetishes are only hot when they're unveiled discreetly. Which is one reason why pornogrind and ultra-brutal death metal do absolutely nothing for me. Maybe a pubertal 12-year-old with nothing but his fantasies to go on would think that the CD booklet for Copremesis's debut Muay Thai Ladyboys, which proudly displays photos of smiling Asian she-males, and artwork featuring an elephantiasis-afflicted version of same, was truly transgressive. But when you combine exploitative imagery and laughably over-the-top music, as Copremesis do on Muay Thai Ladyboys, it's hard to believe that they have anything more serious on the brain than shock and extremity for its own sake. Not that seriousness is necessary for great grindcore - on the contrary, awesome bands like Graf Orlock and Fuck...I'm Dead wield ferocious senses of humor. There's a difference between lighthearted and infantile though, and Copremesis definitely lean towards the latter.

God bless Copremesis for undermining the hyper-masculine, hetero-centric bent of brutal death metal by glorifying tranny culture (if indeed that's what they're doing -- vox are unintelligible and lyrics aren't printed in the liner notes). But that's really the only kind thing I can say about Muay Thai Ladyboys, an album so musically one-dimensional that it's more fun to talk about than listen to. Ultra-br00tal breakdowns test sub-woofer capacities, ticklish tech-grind bits test attention spans, WAY too upfront pitch-shifted vocals stay between gurgle and barf range the whole time, and drums sound like a maniacal typewriter. Brutal death is supposed to feel cold, impenetrable and unrelenting. It's not supposed to make you yawn.

Listen to Copremesis on their MySpace page.

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