Saturday, November 22, 2008

Mark Thompson's Coming Out Party

Last Saturday was the triumphant Torche/Black Cobra/Clouds show at Spaceland in L.A. It was also the birthday of Mark Thompson, GM of Hydra Head Records and star of the new Pelican music video, who invited about a hundred close friends, colleagues and other assorted hangers-on (I'm in that category) back to his Los Feliz bachelor pad to celebrate post-show. Members of Torche, Isis, Black Cobra, Intronaut and Helms Alee wandered about. There were more attractive women at Thompson's pad than I've seen in the past year of metal show-going. Alcohol flowed as freely as digs on Death Magnetic. It was a grand party. 

But nobody had more fun than Thompson himself. Apparently Mr. T was too wasted to remember that I showed up, even though he shot close-range footage of me on his iPhone. Last night, I ran into Thompson at the gallery opening for Peter Beste's True Norwegian Black Metal. After complimenting my parents on accompanying me to the black metal documentary Until the Light Takes Us on Halloween, he asked if I was at his party last week. Yes Mark, I was. And I've got the photograph of your defaced birthday cake to prove it (see above). You may have evaded death for another year, Mark Thompson, but you're still a bastard. And totally gay since 1995.

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