Tuesday, March 03, 2009

CHAINMAIL: Seizure Crypt - Under the Gun (self-released, 2009)

You see that horrible cover photo and the band logo ripped straight from an econo-size jar of protein powder, and you imagine a shitty local band doing sloppy nu-metal, yeah? I sure did. Get past the un-pro parts (that also includes a bare bones mixing job worthy of an early SST record) and you'll find a cheeky NYC hardcore band that takes itself even less seriously than you do. And I love 'em for it. There's plenty of Suicidal Tendencies in the way that Seizure Crypt mix old-skool posturing and batshit insanity on Under the Gun, and it's the latter that makes this one such a hoot. Vocalist/guitarist Mike SOS is a fuckin' riot, countering his bandmate's meh hardcore bark with a rabid vocal style somewhere between Jello Biafra and Bruce Lee (is he actually gargling at the end of "In This Day?"). 

Seizure Crypt have a lot on their minds, and they let it all out in charming New York accents, even if it results in some pleasant cognitive dissonance. So we get a critical exposé of a violent relationship ("No Room Left to Bleed") then the giddy paean to medieval violence, "Fight to Kill" ("Sweaty, swollen, bloody flesh / My sledgehammer will bring your death!"). Songs about drug addiction and the dangers of religion abut a story about a crazy cat lady. All part of the band's ecumenical worldview...who says you can't throw down the social commentary at a raging kegger? There's that same discursiveness compositionally, too, ranging from straight-up hardcore to so-wild-it's-nearly-power-violence fantasias. 21-minute releases rarely cover this much ground. And totally amateur-sounding records are rarely this much fun. 

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dschalek said...

Utterly forgettable, a low quality rip off of The Crumbsuckers and Attitude Adjustment.