Sunday, June 14, 2009

CHAINMAIL: Black September/Winters in Osaka - "Hordes of Flesh and Bone" (self-released, 2009)

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Black September's crusted over black metal hit me viscerally on their split 7" with Thou from last year, all "stabbing a rusty screwdriver into yr eyesocket" style. Their Chicago brethren Winters in Osaka's harsh, needlestorm electronics subscribe more to the "scour the meninges off yr brain" variety of physical impact. On this eleven-plus minute collaboration between the two, Black September shows continued improvement in the songwriting department. The band's strengths lie in economical riffs and their sooty smokestack, old-school death metal feel, not sustained ambiance, as is Winters in Osaka's forté. 

"Hordes of Flesh and Bone" (excerpt)

These acts are not ideal collaborators, and they struggle to find common ground other than a mutual respect for ugliness, selling each other short in the process. The harsh noise clouds that vomit the song forth, divide it through the middle and swallow it up after it's over feel a little too "now" for such a medieval axe-clanging battle song, and add little other than minutes. Black September still manage to impress though. Trimmed to a respectable six minutes, "Hordes of Flesh and Bone" could be the band's signature song. A galloping 6/8 verse riff hurtles towards the kind of blood-boiling chorus that Amon Amarth or Unleashed would slay their kinsmen to write; Jen Pickett rasps "I am the tyrant! I am vengeance! I am the tyrant! I will take your final breath!" with Machiavellian ferociousness. "Hordes of Flesh and Bone" is an intriguing, albeit not entirely successful, attempt at genre-smashery. Mostly it's another call for Black September to release a full-length but pronto.

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dschalek said...

Awesome song. A full-length is now overdue! Southern Lord, where are you?!