Wednesday, July 22, 2009

CHAINMAIL: Eibon - Eibon (Aesthetic Death, 2008)

The CHAINMAIL section reviews bands that were proactive enough to contact me directly. Here at Cerebral Metalhead, initiative is rewarded.

There are four bands on Metal-Archives named Eibon, presumably after the sorcerer-priest from Clark Ashton Smith's Hyperborean cycle mythos*. They hail from far-flung corners of the globe like Budapest and Singapore, and they all suck. Except for the French one, responsible for this eponymous two-song mini CD, which rules hard. It rules so hard that it blew out my mp3-encoding software, which is why the clips below sound like a waterlogged cat thrown on an electric frying pan. No idea what the hell happened there, though I will say that I don't mind all the faux-pitch-bending taking place in these messed up clips. They sound like Eyehategod remixed by Immolation. Go to Eibon's MySpace page for the unfried versions.

"Asleep and Threatening" (excerpt)

"Staring at the Abyss" (excerpt)

Drummer Jerome's Neurosis-style wardrums flog Eibon ever-forward on "Asleep and Threatening," and gracefully narrate the clean-tone passages of the waltzing "Staring at the Abyss." There are very few moments of preciousness or pure catharsis on Eibon -- these two songs climax at a middle level of tension that usually goes unresolved by song's end. Some may ask for even more dynamism from their epic-length metal tracks. But if doom's gift to metal is making stasis listenable, and giving purpose to painful slowness, then Eibon are excellent gift-givers, nearly as good as Thou at pushing even their slowest and most repetitive riffs towards an impressive endpoint. 

*According to a recent Terrorizer clip, Eibon du France came upon their name while watching Lucio Fulci's Italian horror flick The Beyond


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