Thursday, July 02, 2009

CHAINMAIL: The Serpent and the Siren - Posthuman EP (Self-released, 2009)

The CHAINMAIL section reviews bands that were proactive enough to contact me directly. Here at Cerebral Metalhead, initiative is rewarded.

If the Serpent and the Siren's second EP Posthuman were a Victorian novel, it would come with the following subtitle: "In which heavy metal continues its Terminator fixation unabated." Like Fear Factory and Meshuggah before them, the Serpent and the Siren unite flesh and wire in unholy union on Posthuman. The bionic man groans and clanks to life on "Maggotborn," as SatS's Clint Homuth vomits "I am rusted new / Born of this prosthetic womb / Brine and cabtire cables / Mechanical immunize / Free me" in a formidable gorilla grunt. Cold tech-metal riffs stop dead in their tracks to accommodate plutonium floor-punching on "Entombed..." and "Consume the Poor."

"Consume the Poor"

Serpent and the Siren's alternation between chops-intensive density and spacious breakdowns smacks a lot of fellow Canadians Beneath the Massacre (reviewed here). These guys are better. There's still a little bit of "human" left in their cold, Posthuman cyborg metal, some vestiges of melody and raw death metal groove amidst the pig-squeals and morse code drumming. "BREEE BREEEE!!!!" squeals the bionic man during the memorable half-time stomper that closes out "Consume the Poor." Definitely, dude. We feel your pain.


And since I'm feeling generous, here's the new video for "Consume the Poor:"


Anonymous said...

Great Review, I really gotta check out this band.

Anonymous said...

Popped a boner first time i heard consume the poor. Amazing band.