Saturday, August 29, 2009

California State Park Preservation Ist Krieg

When you think of the Los Angeles landscape, you think of endless stretches of highway and asphalt, smog and gaudy billboards blotting the skyline, skyscrapers erupting in patches across the city like syphilis outbreaks. Let's not forget that there are some gorgeous oases of state-sponsored greenery and water throughout L.A., and many of them are in danger of closing as a result of the $14.2 million General Fund budget cut that Gov. Schwarzenegger signed into existence last month, as part of the embattled 2009/2010 California budget. 

Enter FYF Fest (nee Fuck Yeah Fest), an L.A.-based, DIY festival and concert promotion company run by 20-something Sean Carlson and Circle Jerks singer Keith Morris (FYF Fest recently co-presented the SunnO))) show that I reviewed here). This year's Fest, to be held at the Los Angeles State Historic Park on September 5th, will be dedicated to raising awareness about the plight of California's state parks. It also happens to have a nice proportion of metal and extreme-music bands:

Converge (whose new album Axe to Fall is out on 10/20 - new track "Dark Horse" is fantastic)
Torche (whose live show I reviewed here)
Dan Deacon (whose band features drummer Greg Fox of black metal band Liturgy

If that list doesn't inspire an immediate $20 ticket purchase, how about this: taco eating contest. You hear that, Dino Cazares? It's ON.

For more information about the FYF Fest, and to purchase tickets, visit the FYF Fest site
Want more info about saving California's state parks? Go to the California State Parks Foundation website right here.


Shanetera said...

That Dino Carez quip made me laugh for quite a long time. GG

Etan said...

Shanetera, check out the newest issue of Decibel (Immortal cover). There's a Q&A with Cazares about his favorite places to eat. I think the press has finally realized that his expertise lies in eating, not metal.