Sunday, August 09, 2009

Candlelight Records: Haiku Reviews

Candlelight Records has sure released a lot of albums this year. Here are some quick reviews of a bunch of 'em, each written in seventeen syllables or multiples thereof. 

Tardy Brothers - Bloodline (Candlelight Records, 2009)

"I'm Alive"

Three fifths of the great
Obituary. Perhaps
It's the wrong three fifths?

Awkward combo of
Lumbering metal-lite and
Nineties groove-core tunes

Donald's vomiting
Mixes poorly with sub-par 
Life of Agony 

Ralph Santolla rules
Adds grace to songs that have none
Acoustic bits? Hmmmm... 

Best songs like "Deep Down" 
Punk it up; worst ones approach
Heinous nü-metal 


Obituary - Darkest Day (Candlelight Records, 2009)

"Outside My Head"

This is more like it 
Vintage Obituary
Simple but crushing

The guitar tone is
Heavier than last album's
Songs faster than norm 

Listen for contrast: 
Chromatic songs;  Santolla's
Sweet melodic leads

Austere haiku form
Perfectly paired with this band's
Elemental style


1349 - Revelations of the Black Flame (Candlelight Records, 2009)

"Serpentine Sibilance"

Slow, repeating riffs
Atmospheric interludes 
A Pink Floyd cover

Abrupt change of pace
For grim black metal quartet

Here is their defense: 
"Black metal's supposed to be
Controversial, man."

I do not buy it. 
This sounds less like "deal with it,"
More "See? We're artists!"

Memorable plods
On "Serpentine Sibilance"
And "Uncreation"

Are disconnected
By some of the worst pacing
I've heard recently

The dark new approach
Is welcome; the band's just not
In control of it


Anaal Nathrakh - In the Constellation of the Black Widow (Candlelight Records, 2009)

"The Lucifer Effect"

Best live band on earth
Blackened industrial bile
Undiluted hate

Anaal Nathrakh poured 
The soaring chorus syrup
On too thick last disc

This one approaches
The screechy anger level
Of Codex Necro

V.I.T.R.I.O.L. layers
Screams, grunts, growls like lasagna

Groovage, melody
In spades. "So Be It" sounds like
Blackened At the Gates

Still, aggro wins out
My sympathies to the dude
Who drums for them live


Xerath - I (Candlelight Records, 2009)

"False History"

If Strapping Young Lad
Had recorded S&M
Not Metallica

It would sound a lot
Like I, by England's Xerath
But would be better

Fusion of metal
And movie-score strings ain't new
But hard to pull off

Xerath's riffs? Decent
Some creative off-time grooves
And Pantera love

Problem is the strings
They are just background, and they
Fill space, and that's it

Terrorizer called
Xerath "best unsigned band." WRONG.
Oh and one more thing: 

Bad idea to
Name your debut I when you
Sound like Meshuggah


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dschalek said...

Lots of junk here, with the exception of "Darkest Day". What the Hell were 1349 thinking? Too much fanboy Tom G. Warrior worship, that's what. Candlelight needs to take a hard look at the phrase "quality, not quantity".