Friday, September 11, 2009

Chickenhawk - A. Or Not? EP (Brew, 2009)

I'm really not sure what to call Chickenhawk's music, nor do I really care. Genres be damned, it's energetic and brash and shot through with melody and post-punk danceability. The Yorkshire, England band's second release, the three-track A. Or Not? EP, sounds like an amalgamation of what the older brothers of Hot Topic shoppers have been listening to for fifteen years. Parts remind me of a heavier At the Drive In; others recall a less screechy Blood Brothers. 90s noise rock segments pop up on "Son of Cern" and the killer opening riff to "Nasa Vs. ESA" sounds like a Page Hamilton creation that Helmet axed from Betty (perhaps that's Betty herself yelping along at the end?). I can bang my head or shake my fist at the sky or sing along or shake my ass to this EP, and Chickenhawk are equally happy for me to do any or all of the above. Plus, the cover provides lovely visual counterpoint to that of Coalesce's Ox and Yakuza's Transmutations (reviewed here), don't you think?

Of course a multi-directional band like Chickenhawk would have a marketing plan to match. Chickenhawk are making videos for each of the three tracks on the new EP. Here's one for "Nasa Vs. ESA:"

...and here's a nifty zombie-themed one, released just this past week, for "I Hate This, Do You Like It?" This was directed by NME photographer Danny North and shot on location in Leeds:

One can only assume that a video for the EP's final track, "Son of Cern," will surface soon.

While you wait, the Brew-masters were kind enough to make available a couple tracks off Chickenhawk's debut:


"Dude-a-Tron - Gavron Remix"

Yeah, that's right. A remix. Of a track that already sounds like one. Kids these days.

Brew Records (EP only)
Brew Records (EP/t-shirt combo)

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