Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Fuck You, Penguin book signing - September 12 in Los Angeles

Today, I take a short break from dropping science on heavy metal to promote someone that drops f-bombs on cute animals. If you've never been to Fuck You, Penguin, you clearly don't read my "Endlessly Readable" list over on the right, and probably don't belong here in the first place. Visit it now and you will be forgiven -- MAYBE. Fuck You, Penguin is the most metal site in the interwebz that isn't this one. The whole concept: every day, whatever genius blogger created it (he is by no means my best friend since 6th grade, that's for sure) posts a picture of a cute animal, then totally rips on it. Like, straight-up frothing-at-the-mouth, accusing-it-of-things-that-it-probably-did-but-is-too-cute-to-ever-be-accused-of trashing. The site has become a daily addiction for me and millions of others across the globe. I actually died once, but I was resurrected the next day by Fuck You, Penguin. You wouldn't think a blog could bring you back from the dead, but such is the power of Fuck You, Penguin.

The point is, Random House witnessed the resurrective power of the blog, and decided to give my non-best-friend a book deal so that he could spread the glory to the bathrooms of the world. The book's been out for a couple weeks and it's already doing pretty well. I read one report that some school boards opted to hand out copies of the book to school children in lieu of watching Obama's controversial address.

Matt Gasteier, the blogger behind Fuck You, Penguin (many of whose secrets I know intimately for a reason I couldn't quite explain), is returning to his hometown to affix his golden signature to copies of the book. Here's deets:

WHEN: This Saturday, September 12, 1pm to whenever
WHERE: Fred Segal - 8118 Melrose, Los Angeles, CA
WHAT: FU, Penguin book signing
WHY: The dark lord commands you to buy a copy of FU, Penguin and find out if its author is man, myth or simply a wisp of air

Hope to see you there. I'll be the guy not talking to Gasteier because why would I do that if I'm not his best friend?

If you can't make the signing shame on you, but you may repent buy buying multiple copies online, preferably one from each of the following distributors:


More information can be found here.

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