Saturday, April 17, 2010

Knu from Knut: Wonder

Two months of waiting 'til this is out ain't so bad considering I've already waited for 5 years.

So let's say that one of your favorite bands puts out an amazing record in 2005. Here's a standard timeline of events, using the release date as a reference point:

6 months later: stop listening to last record once a day
1.5 years later: actively await news of new record
2 years later: suffer through pointless EP, B-sides, live or remix record
3 years later: forget band ever existed
4 years later: rediscover last record while searching through record collection
5 years later: find out that band broke up two years ago

I was prepared to give up on Knut (one of only two bands that ever convinced me to wear their hoodie), despite my undying reverence for their last record Terraformer (Hydra Head, 2005) and each of their previous Hydra Head releases. That remix album Alter from 2006 did nothing to assuage my slide into apathy. But now it looks like it's time to recalibrate my timeline.

"Descent" (from Bastardiser)

"Kyoto" (from Terraformer)

Hydra Head just announced the June 29th release of Knut's new album Wonder. It's reportedly both "A commentary on the human capacity for creative thought and numinous experience in the face of a violent and oppressive global-market ethos" and "Testament to our will for survival and defiance in times of adversity and crippling doubt." That's a lot of touting for 40 minutes of music, but I guess Knut have had plenty of time to develop creative thoughts about survival and defiance in the interim. anyone else excited about Wonder?

Click here, here, here and here to check out the progression of that glorious album cover by Aaron Turner.



Dan said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh yes. Very excited here as well. Knut have something that's very hard to pinpoint in their frozen, shattering riffs.

Hororo said...

I am. It's probably one of the most exciting band on HydraHead that is still active and still very much relevant. There isn't one bad record in their discography and they still sound unique.

Andrew Childers said...

i really, really hated terraformer. when i think of knut i think of jagged angularity like unsane getting all mathcore and they just eliminated all of those elements on terraformer, going more for the flavor of the month neur-isis sound. i'd love to see a return to challenger's form.

Khrys said...

hey, there is a song from "Wonder" on the knut myspace page and it's called "Damned Extroverts"