Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Exhausted Prayer / Dreaming Dead - Fall Into Ruin Tour Begins Tonight

I'm coming out of semi-hibernation to help spread the word about a West Coast tour that I would see every night had I the time, financial means and ability not to come off as creepy for treating underground metal bands like the Grateful Dead. Exhausted Prayer share provenance (Los Angeles) and a drummer (Mike Caffell) with Dreaming Dead, whose debut Within One (reviewed here) was my favorite record of 2009. They're also two of the more unassumingly thrilling live bands around. No synchronized headbanging or live goat sacrifices, just a sense that you're watching/hearing something special unfold before your eyes/ears.

In Exhausted Prayer's case, it's how they pretzelize familiar black metal tropes into unfamiliar shapes -- sometimes twisty and muscular, sometimes hazy and dissolute. These dudes have finally finished their first album in five years, Worst of All Possible Worlds (previewed here), so chances are they'll be debuting plenty of new stuff.

You also need to see Dreaming Dead's Elizabeth Schall. She's a terrific guitarist with an elegant approach to riffcraft and fluidly melodic soloing style (I often hear her described as Chuck Schuldiner incarnate). And while her femaleness doesn't really have anything to do with her talent, it's tough to ignore that such rarefied death metal chops are coming from a kind of person that isn't normally in a death metal band. The rest of the band plays regally. Dreaming Dead are nearly done with their second album Midnightmares. They just released the video to the new track "Overlord," which they'll undoubtedly be unleashing live.

Go see these bands on tour, and tell them I sent you. They'll probably scratch their heads quizzically and ask if you want to buy a t-shirt.


10/21 - The Red Hat - Concord, CA
10/22 - Monstros Pizza - Chico, CA
10/23 - Plan B - Portland, OR
10/24 - Cretin Hop - Spokane, WA
10/25 - Galway Arms - Seattle, WA
10/26 - Le Voyeur - Olympia, WA
10/27 - The Gup - Eugene, OR
10/28 - Burnt Ramen - Richmond, CA
10/29 - On the Y - Sacramento, CA
10/30 - Three Clubs - Los Angeles, CA


Anonymous said...

That girl can shred but vocally is unpleasing. They would be a lot better with a different vocalist. I mean that in a nice way too...

Anonymous said...

I love her voice. She sounds fucking evil. It's beautiful.

Anonymous said...

Of course it's your right to like what you like, but (band founder/guitarist) Elizabeth Schall's vocals sound exactly like everyone else's in the genre. EXACTLY.

If you don't like that vocal style, you don't like that genre of metal.

phyte club katie said...

Yes! Please stay OUT of hibernation, Etan (I know winter's on it's way, but still). Happy to see coverage of Dreaming Dead -- who I was lucky enough to catch at Annie's Social Club (RIP) years ago under a different name -- and even more stoked to catch both the term "riffcraft" (can I borrow that one?) and your succinct, considerate treatment of a woman in metal who fucking shreds. Anyhow, right on, thanks!